Bananas Red 1 Kg pack


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Tags: India, Red

In general, red bananas are smaller than the typical yellow cavendish banana.

The banana's thick, tough peel changes color as it ripens from green to a variety of shades including red-orange, bright red, dark red, yellow, and maroon. The fruit's antioxidant content will affect the peel's coloration, and the matte peel may display some imperfections due to bumping and nicking during harvest and shipping.

A mature fruit will have multiple dark spots on the peel that appear as it ripens. Peeling back the skin reveals flesh that ranges in color from ivory to pale pink and smells sweet and fruity. When a banana is unripe, the flesh is dry, chalky, and unpleasant to eat; but, as it ripens, the flesh becomes creamy, soft, dense, and tender.