Banana leaves, 1 Kg pack

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  • Bright green thick leaves with unusual characteristics and uses. You can wrap your food in it to keep it moist or grill on it to enjoy its special aroma and taste.

  • Its unique, admirable shape makes it a great food decoration.
    Widely used in the Asian cuisine as it can be used in the making of many tasteful dishes.

  • To keep them fresh to use later, role them and put them in a secure plastic bag in your fridge.

  • Steamed Rice in Banana Leaves


    3 cups white rice
    5 cups water or more to immerse rice
    banana leaves (about 15 pcs)


    1. In a bowl, wash rice 2-3 times till the water runs clear.
    2. Fold the banana leaves to form a cone shape, then add rice to it about half-filled each then fold the end.
    3. In the pot, arrange the wrapped rice in banana leaves.
    4. Put water and make sure all wrapped rice is submerged in water.
    5. Cover the pot and put it on the stove over high heat, let it boil.
    6. Then, let it simmer over low heat till rice is cooked.
    7. Remove from heat, peel off the banana leaves when ready to eat. Serve with your favorite dish.