Zucchini round, ball squashes , 2 single pieces

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  • Ball squashes vary in size from small to large in diameter and have a globular to an oval shape, capped with a rough, green stem. The skin is smooth, glossy, thin, sometimes exhibiting faint vertical ridges and dark green color. Underneath the surface, the flesh is white, tinged with a pale green to yellow hues, and has a crisp, spongy, and tender consistency. Within the flesh, there are also many small, edible seeds. Eight Ball squashes have a mildly sweet, vegetal flavor with subtle nutty undertones.

  • Their shapes make them perfect for stuffing. You can fill them with rice or couscous, and meat, tomatoes, and herbs.

  • The best way to store zucchini is in the refrigerator?s crisper drawer where humidity is kept to a minimum.

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