Zucchini baby green, 0.2 kg pack

Category: fresh vegetables, green, NEW_product, south Africa

Glossy, baby green zucchini resembles the familiar mature zucchini but only measures 1 - 3 inches in length. This smaller, slim squash has the same medium to dark green freckled outer skin. Baby zucchini are the same species as zucchini, merely picked at an earlier stage of growth. The flesh is more tender and the flavor is milder than the larger variety.

This versatile, small summer squash may be boiled, steamed, microwaved, baked, stuffed, pickled, deep-fried, saut?ed, grilled or fried. Because baby zucchini is so mild and tender, it can also be eaten raw. To store, refrigerate in a plastic bag. Do not wash until just before preparation. For optimum flavor and texture, use within three to four days as this squash is delicately flavored and perishable.