Sorrel red, bloody dock , organic, in a Pot, single piece


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  • Red sorrel is a leafy herb. It has bright lime-green leaves with dark maroon stems and veins that run the entire leaf. Red sorrel has a distinct lemony flavor and acidic bite. The taste is often described as "sour" however its color makes it very attractive. When harvested young, red sorrel leaves are best used in fresh preparations. More mature leaves can be cooked like spinach or used in stir-fries. The bright, tangy flavor of Red sorrel pairs well with fish, veal, eggs, and potatoes, in soup or gratin. Red sorrel can serve as a thickener for soups and stews. It can also be used in place of rennet in making cheese.

  • Removing the plastic bag is the first thing to do. Keep the plant indoors, not fully exposed to the sunlight. Make sure you water the plant every second day or whenever it looks floppy. Water deeply at least once a week. The best time of day for water is early in the morning. The best practice is to transplant to a larger pot. It keeps the roots growing deep and the soil moist. When growing in a container, your goal is to keep the soil from drying out.