Pineapple pink, single piece


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  • Pink pineapples are small to medium fruit. The crowns are removed before consumer purchase to reuse for planting and to optimize transportation. These pineapples are harvested at the right time and immediately sent by air so that they can maintain their flavour and be ready to eat. The flesh is pale pink with the consistency of a regular pineapple. The main difference is the low acidity and a balanced taste. Pink pineapples are cultivated in very limited quantities, as it takes approximately two years to grow the variety, and each pineapple is harvested and packed by hand. The fruit obtains their rosy tone from carotenoids, specifically lycopene, which are pigments naturally found in the flesh that give fruits their pink-red hue.

  • Due to their unique color, pink pineapples are usually consumed raw but they can be grilled as well.

  • At room temperature