Pears, Santa Maria, 1 Kg Pack


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Large, homogeneous fruits with an extended, oval to pyriform shape are known as Santa Maria pears. The skin is smooth, thin, covered with conspicuous lenticels, and has a yellow-green background with pink blush on the sides with the most sun exposure. It's vital to remember that when maintained in cold storage, the skin may also be entirely yellow. The flesh is crisp, watery, white, greasy, and fine-grained underneath the skin, encasing a narrow central core with a few black-brown seeds. When ripe, Santa Maria pears have a fragrant, soft, sensitive texture and a sweet, somewhat acidic flavor.

Santa Maria pears are best used uncooked since eating them right out of hand brings out the sweetness and juicy flavor of the fruit's flesh. Sliced pears are an option for fresh salads.

The fresh fruits will keep for 2-8 weeks, depending on the degree of ripeness, when stored in the refrigerator.