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Passion Fruit, 0.3 kg Pack


Category: brown, fresh fruit, Kenya

  • Hard rind surrounding a juicy, refreshing seed-filled center, its intense sweet flavor makes it stand out among other fruits. You can effortlessly eat it by cutting and scooping its pulp with a spoon, then straining its pulp to create your fresh juice.

  • It is best to eat passionfruit freshly, and both the pulp and seeds are edible. Passionfruit is commonly used topping over ice cream, yogurt, cakes, and fruit salads. You can remove the seeds and use passion fruit juice to make smoothies and cocktails. Passionfruit pairs well with the following fruits: banana, orange, watermelon, coconut, mango, honey, dark chocolate, and almonds.

  • Store passionfruit at room temperature until fully ripe. Mature fruits will be darker and wrinkled. Once ripe, they can be stored in the refrigerator for one week.

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