Desert Truffles, Fagaa, white zubaidi, 0.2 kg Pack


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Desert truffles, also known as Terfeziaceae, are a type of fungal plant found in the desert after heavy rainfall. They are a delicacy renowned across the Arabian Peninsula and certain parts of North Africa, known for their unique taste like that of an earthy mushroom, and are used in several traditional Arabic dishes. Desert truffles come in three main varieties: white (zubaidi), red, and black (khulas), each with its own unique flavor profile and price point. They are considered somewhat rare, due to the scarcity of rain in the desert and the difficulty of acquiring a good specimen. Truffle season usually begins around January 25 and ends around March 10, giving truffle hunters a narrow window to dig up, sift through, and sell the produce. Desert truffles also contain a high amount of plant protein, comparable to that of tofu, making them a favorite among vegans and vegetarians.