Mango apple, for juice, 3 kg box

Category: fresh fruit, yellow, yemen

  • Apple mangoes are a medium to small sized mango variety . They are broadly oval shaped with a yellow skin almost always covered with a red blush . The smooth skin is covered with small, yellow-green lenticels (pores) that appear like freckles. The skin is thick, protecting the firm, deep yellow flesh during shipping.

    These mangoes are juicy, with a somewhat fibrous flesh, and a mildly sweet taste.
    The fruit must be lightly squeezed to determine ripeness.

  • Apple mangoes can be used for both fresh or cooked applications. Peeled and deseeded, the mango can be sliced and served fresh or diced and added to fruit salads for a bit of tropical flavor.

    The diced fruit can be pureed for use in beverages, desserts and baked goods. Pureed or whole mango pieces can be used in marinades or sauces for chicken, fish or meats.

  • Fruits can be kept at room temperature until ripe.

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