Tarragon, plant in a pot, organic, single piece

Category: green, Holland, organic herbs and spices

  • French tarragon has a unique mixed taste of mild vanilla and sweet aniseed. Its leaves are narrow, tapering, and slightly floppy, growing from a long, slender stem. French tarragon is a popular herb and is considered to be the best as its flavor is more subtle than the Russian ones. Its widely used in the French cousin and is a great addition to many recipes.

  • Remove the plastic bag is the first thing to do. You can keep the plant indoors or, even better, outdoor but never fully exposed to the sunlight or extreme heat ( above 40 degrees) . Make sure you water the plant every second day or whenever it looks floppy. Water deeply at least once a week. The best practice is to transplant to a larger pot. It keeps the roots growing deep and the soil moist. Your goal when growing in a container is to keep the soil from drying out. The best time of day for water is early in the morning. One last tip if you keep them in a pot is to have a flowerpot dish that he's keeping the soil moist and at the same time, allows the water in excess to drain.