Garlic , white 4 kg carton

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The?common?garlic bulbs range from medium to large,?with an?average?diameter?of 5 to 8?cm,?and?are?composed?of several?cloves,?depending on the variety, divided into multiple?layers.?Each garlic?clove?is?wrapped?in a?separate?wrapper,?and the bulb itself?is?layered with a thin?sheet?of wrapper to protect the cloves. Often referred to as?"smelly rose",?the?whole?ordinary?garlic actually has a very mild allium?aroma?and taste.?Ordinary?garlic can be?eaten?raw or cooked. Raw garlic tends to have a stronger flavor than cooked?garlic;?crushed,?chopped,?squeezed,?or?mashed?garlic?will?release?more?oil,?providing a?stronger,?more?confident?flavor than?sliced???or?retained?intact.?.?Ordinary?garlic is stored in a?cool?and dry?place?and?can?be?stored?for?one?to four months, depending on the specific variety.