Edible flowers Mix, Cresco, decoration, 0.025 gr pack

Category: herbs and spices, Holland


Edible flower mix usually contains a different type of blossoms like cultivated wild roses, hollyhocks, daisies, chrysanthemums, chicory, day lilies, lavender, violets and pansies. For variation and added color, the cowslip, primrose, nasturtium, marigold and sage may be added. The nasturtiums, borage and marigolds offer the most flavors, while others are added mostly for color and aesthetic value.
The selection is random and according to the availability.

This product must be kept in the fridge between 5 to 7 degree


The peak season for mixed flowers is during the warm summer months.


Edible flowers are a popular garnish.


North American Indians integrated leaves and flowers of many plants into their foods.

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