Satsumas, easy peeler , ugly fruit, seedless ,1 Kg pack

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Satsumas, easy peeler , ugly fruit, 1 Kg pack and nothing similar to a regular mandarin. Their red orange, leathery and oily peel can be peeled with just a couple of tears.

This variety might come with skin marks and other surface defects but the flash is extremely juicy and sweet.

The fruit looks soft and not so fresh but this is a characteristic of this variety .

Satsumas, easy peeler , ugly fruit, seedless ,1 Kg pack have a mild taste not sour or persistent as a regular mandarin

Satsuma mandarinare most commonly eaten fresh, peel removed and separated into sections. They may also be used as a salad ingredient, in baked, frozen or fresh dessert preparations, or juiced and used in cocktails or smoothies. Pair satsuma with yogurt, endive, arugula, winter squash, leeks and pears. Use satsuma tangerines with sweet, spicy or Asian flavors such as soy, ginger, garlic, vanilla, honey and olive oil. Satsuma tangerines will keep at room temperature but should be refrigerated for longer storage.