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Beans, yardlong, 0.5 kg bunch

Category: fresh vegetables, green, local

Yardlong bean also known as Bodi Bean, Long Bean, Snake Bean is an annual and fast growing plant which is cultivated for the long pods and edible seeds.

Yardlong bean was originated in Southern Asia but now it is widely cultivated in Southeastern Asia, Southern China and Thailand. It grows in warm climates. Leaves are consumed as vegetables, young pods are cooked or consumed fresh and seeds are cooked as a pulse. The pods are picked before it gets matured and cooked as?vegetables.


The Yardlong bean plant grows as an annual, glaborous climber which reaches 2?4 m in height. It bears bright green, trifoliolate leaves each 12 15 cm long and 4?7 cm wide. The plant yields white, yellow or light purple flowers. The flower turns into pendulous pods which is typically 30 100 cm long. The pod color varies from light green to dark green or purple having smooth, rugose or crinkled skin. Each pod possesses 20-25 seeds. The seeds are elongated, cylindrical or round upto 8 12 mm long which ranges from black, brown, red, striped, white or mottled colors. The pods are harvested from mid to late summer.