Artichokes Violet, 2.5 Kg box

Category: Egypt, fresh vegetables, green, NEW_product

  • Artichokes are roughly two to five inches in diameter when harvested. Their densely packed leaves form a compact floret with pistachio and lime green tones throughout. Each leaf contains a needle-like thorn on its tip and is usually cut off during preparation. Artichokes can be eaten raw when they are younger and more tender. A raw baby Artichoke is crisp, slightly bitter, tannic, and nutty. When cooked, Artichokes develop flavors of toasted nuts, dry grass, and caramel. Artichokes are the immature flower head of a herbaceous perennial thistle plant. When you eat an artichoke, you are eating, in essence, a flower bud. The first mature harvest of artichokes is known as the Kings, as it produces the largest-sized florets.

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