Plums black, Angeleno, 5 kg carton

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  • Plums black, Angeleno are large to medium-sized stone fruits, averaging 2 to 7 centimeters in diameter, and have a round, shape . The fruits skin is thin, taut, smooth, and delicate, bruising easily, and ranges in color from dark purple, almost black,. Some Plum cultivars are also covered in a natural wax,. Underneath the skin, the flesh is firm, aqueous, and with a sweet-tart taste. The flash is yellow with a small stone in the center.

  • Plums are a versatile culinary ingredient well suited for fresh, cooked, and preserved preparations. The fruits can be eaten straight, out of hand, and the thin skin can be left intact or peeled before consumption. Plums have a sweet-tart flavor that complements both sweet and savory dishes.

  • Plums should be stored at room temperature, away from sunlight and heat until they give softly to the touch and have a sweet aroma. Once ripe, refrigerate plums as necessary to prevent spoiling, but cold temperatures may change their texture and taste.

  • Once ripe, the fruits can be stored for one week when wrapped in plastic and kept in the refrigerator. Plums can also be frozen for 6 to 12 months or dried for extended use.