Lemons Meyer, sweet, 0.5 kg pack

Category: fresh fruit, NEW_product, USA, yellow

Lemons Meyer 0.5 kg pack are a small to medium variety, , and have a round to oval shape. The peel is thin, glossy, golden yellow to orange. You can peel it to find 9 to 10 segments . The flesh is also soft, tender,?with seeds or sometimes seedless. Meyer lemons are highly fragrant and emit a bright, herbal scent . The fruits also contain low acidity and a high sugar content, developing a sweet, zesty flavor with floral undertones.

Lemons Meyer 0.5 kg pack contain low acidity, developing a sweet juice, zest, and flesh suitable for both fresh and cooked applications. When raw, Meyer lemons can be chopped and tossed into dips, sliced thinly and added to salads, or infused into dressings, olive oils, and vinegar.? The juice can also be frozen .