Apple Royal Gala, Zero residues , 1 kg pack

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  • Zero Pesticide Residue was created in France by a collective of farmers as an emerging third path, diverging from both conventional and organic farming. Its creators explain that Zero Pesticide Residue is not meant to compete with organic farming but rather to provide more alternatives to conventional farming, which retains its dominance over the agricultural sector.

  • The main difference between Zero Pesticide Residue and organic farming lies in results vs method. While organic farming has a positive list of specifications on the methods. i.e. which active substances are permitted and under what conditions, the Zero Pesticide Residue? label bases its definition on the results. More precisely, the Zero Pesticide Residue label can be attributed to agricultural produce with a residue level lower than 0.01 mg/kg for the majority of the allowed active substances in phytopharmaceutical products.

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