Watermelon, Baby, single piece


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  • The Seedless watermelon has the same trademark two-toned variegated green skin and juicy, aromatic sweet flesh as the seeded version. Though it lacks the large hard black seeds of traditional watermelons, the Seedless watermelon can contain small white seeds that are soft and completely edible. Seedless watermelons can be oblong or spherical

  • Watermelon is predominately used in raw preparations, but it may also be grilled or seared in a hot pan to caramelize its natural sugars. The Seedless watermelon is ideal for juicing and making purees for beverages, sorbets, soups, and sauces. The flesh is ideal for making preserves or jam, and the rind can also be pickled. Appropriate for both sweet and savoury dishes, they work well in green or fruit salads and pair well with poultry and seafood. Complimentary flavours include basil, mint, salty cheeses, arugula, balsamic vinegar, dried coconut, toasted pecans, and citrus fruits.

  • Uncut seedless watermelons will keep refrigerated for several weeks.