Truffles black ,summer truffle, Aestivum 0.1 kg


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  • The Black Summer truffle's fruiting body has a rough alligator skin-like surface covered with small diamond-shaped projections, molded by stones surrounding it in the soil. When mature, the Black Summer truffle is near black on the surface with a pale grey flesh and white marbling that does not change color when exposed to air. It has a rich woodsy aroma with flavors of garlic, mushroom, and hazelnut undertones.

  • Black Summer truffles are more subtle than the winter variety. They can be shaved fresh as a finishing element or infused into sauces to add depth. The volatile compounds that release truffles' distinct aroma are compromised when overcooked, but fats can capture and encapsulate those aromas.

  • Truffles will keep, dry and tightly wrapped or stored in rice, for one to two weeks.