Mango, Calypso, single Piece


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  • Calypso Mangoes are ripe and ready to eat when you buy them. Calypso Mangoes is an amazing variety from Australia, sweet, with small stone and no fibers in the flesh. They get ripe on the trees, and they are picked at the right time. Being shipped by air means they are perfectly ripe and ready to eat when you receive them at home. This mango has a much higher percentage of blush than other varieties. To ensure your Calypso is ready to eat make sure there is no green tinge to the skin, and it has turned golden yellow in color. Calypso Mangoes are a specific mango variety scientifically known as the B74 but Calypso Mango sounds so much better! The variety owners have spent 20 years developing the B74 variety. They have taken the best of both varieties and combined them into one giving you the most visibly beautiful and delicious mango experience every time, for any occasion.

  • You can eat mango fresh or add it to salads. Also, you can use mangoes to make juices and baked goods.

  • Mangoes that are still firm will continue to ripen if stored at room temperature. Once fully ripe, they can be stored in the refrigerator for about 5 days.