Cucumber Tindora, Indian 0.5 kg pack


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Tindora fruits are small, ranging in length from 6 to 9 centimetres. Smooth variegations and light stripes in shades of light green, dark green, and white can be seen on the skin. The translucent white flesh is moist and crisp beneath the surface, encasing numerous seeds in a slick, pale scarlet coating. When fresh, tindora fruits have a moderate, somewhat bitter flavour and are juicy and crisp. The fruit gets softer and sweeter as it ages, and depending on the variety, the skin might turn bright red.

Tindora fruit can be consumed raw as a salad vegetable, but as the fruit can have a strong bitter flavour, adding vinegar and sugar can help to mask or eliminate it. The fruit is more frequently prepared as a cooking ingredient for curries, stir-fries, and Indian pickles and chutneys. As a crispy side dish, they can also be grilled and dusted with seasonings. In India, Tindora is frequently used in dishes like urad dal, which is made by cooking Tindora in warm water with lentils, and Tindora Payla, which is made by combining Tindora with spices and dried, roasted lentils, and curries that are slowly cooked in coconut milk.